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Wedding Wednesday // A Wedding Haul!

I've been too busy to film the 'Wedding Wednesday' series in the last few weeks, but I wanted to film one more before we officially head out this Saturday for our wedding week.

In this week's video, I'm talking about my dress, my shoes and sharing some bits and pieces of my bridal 'look,' including makeup and hair accessories.

I also ended it with a few final thoughts on the process and I hope to continue this series once we are back so I can share the fun details of our day!

I can't the day is almost here! Soaking up these last few final moments until my official stroll down the aisle!

Lark joined in on the fun!

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Week in Review // October 13-19

Chaos. Absolute chaos. That's our life right now. I keep telling myself and everyone else that I'm really trying to ride the wave of craziness, because these are the types of moments you remember!

It's just been so busy! I feel like I'm trapped inside a pinball machine, being hurled in every direction...lots of wedding prep and other stuff going on that I can't even begin to elaborate on! But it's a ride, and a journey to one of the most important days of my life!

Another week has, quite literally, disappeared right before my eyes. See what we've been up to in this week's vlog!

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Week in Review // October 6-12

I know, it's Thursday and I'm JUST now getting around to posting our week in review for LAST week, but this week has been, in a word, hectic.

I collected more wedding items last week and started some intense prepping for the big day. There's a lot to do and I'm feeling strapped for time! I'm also feeling strapped for money, but what else is new?!

We got James' wedding band last week, which I ordered on Etsy, and it's gorgeous! It's super lightweight and really well-made.

James and I shopped for his wedding shoes on Sunday. We were down to the wire and luckily found a pair!

We also carried on a family tradition of getting cider and donuts at a local cider mill, which we do every fall. But this year we got to have my parents along! It was awesome sharing it with them and we are so looking forward to many holidays together after so many apart!

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A very special letter to my daughter...

I started writing letters to my little bean the day before I officially found out I was pregnant. I sort of felt...different...and had an inkling I may be pregnant. The next morning, I'd know for sure...

Writing letters to her was my way of getting to know her before she was 'her' and before she was 'Lark'...I communicated with her, talked about life, my hopes, my fears...It truly helped me through everything and I'm so glad to have them now, so we can look back and remember her little Lark Story, from the beginning. (You can find all the letters here)

After she was born, I continued the letters every month, writing about her progress and our favorite moments. I'm a romantic at heart, a sentimental sap, and I absolutely love having all of this...the pictures, the letters, the look back on.

Lark turned one on September 7 and while my heart broke a little, it also triumphed and cheered inside of me because her life is precious, our moments are precious and we made it to this landmark milestone and were overjoyed. I love getting to know her and generally just doing life with her.

And in honor of her first year, I wrote her a letter, obviously...but we did it a little different this time, along with some video clips I've been hoarding and keeping safe, just for this occasion. It took me a bit to finish this little project, but it was well worth it and well worth the wait...It's long, but definitely worthy of watching...

I adore you, my daughter...your letter awaits...

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Week in Review // September 29-October 5

We started last week out with a trip to the allergist for Lark's 6 month follow-up. The news was a little discouraging, but she's healthy otherwise and things can always be worse, so I'm thankful for that. I just keep looking to her future and seeing the trials she will face. But we'll keep on trucking forever (See the video below for info about her appointment. See the video from her initial appointment here.)

I had my second dress fitting and it went really well! It was nice to see the dress actually fitting me correctly for the first time. It's so beautiful. I'm truly in awe of it. Now I'm trying to figure out accessories at the last minute because the ones I bought don't really go with it after I tried them on WITH the stress! We are less than a month away!

Brennan also had homecoming this week. He was the mascot in the school's parade and at the game. He had fun!

Lark's just been working on her balance lately. She's getting so much braver about standing. She's so funny because physically she's more than capable, but she is so uneasy and gets scared and discouraged easily. She's also FINALLY feeding herself! My mom has been working with her on that on the days she watches Lark and it's helped a ton! Lark is loving spending time with my parents and we're so glad they're close to us now.

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Week in Review // September 22-28

This week's vlog is a short(er) one. Last week just got away from me and before I knew it, it was Thursday!

James' family threw us a small get together with family, most of which cannot make it to the wedding. It was nice to see everyone and have a little 'pre-celebration.' The food was delicious and James' family worked hard on all of it and I'm so thankful for the amazing in-laws I've inherited!

Aside from that, not much else happened last week...pretty uneventful! But still a good week. On a side note, I can't believe this video is week 20!! It doesn't seem like we've been doing this that long!

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Chicky Pop Shop Review & Giveaway! - CLOSED

I'm always on the hunt for unique children's items. One of my favorite places for inspiration and great products is Chicky Pop! They carry some really great designer children's brands and also carry toys and accessories you won't find anywhere else. The shopping process on their site was really simple and my items came sooner than expected!

One of the many brands they carry is Mini Rodini. I've been pining over a few items from their line and one of them is this toucan dress. With Lark's name, I naturally gravitate towards anything bird-related. This print was no exception! I love their items because they fit really well and are made from organic cotton. Chicky Pop has tons of Mini Rodini to choose from!

I also picked up this adorable plush dude from a brand out of the UK called Corby Tindersticks. His name is Ralph Raddish and he's super soft and the perfect size for Lark. His tag included his back story and I thought that was a really cute touch. Plus, he looks like he's wearing a birthday hat, so he was the perfect gift for Lark for her first birthday!

She's just now getting into stuffed toys and dolls, picking them up, snuggling them and carting them around. I have a feeling she and Ralph will have many adventures together...

 Chicky Pop is graciously offering one of my readers a $50 store credit! This is amazing and you'll have a hard time choosing what to buy if you win! Entering is easy, just follow the steps below for your chance to win! The winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 30. Good Luck!!


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