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I was contacted by to review another pair of eyeglasses. Previously, I reviewed sunglasses and I still adore those glasses!

This time I opted for 'everyday' specs. But I wanted frames with a little flair. I love my black-rimmed glasses, they're pretty much a standard for me, so when I saw these frames that were half clear, half black, I gasped with delight! I'd been eye-ing a pair like this that are much more expensive, but with, you don't have to feel guilty about price. They're extremely affordable and very well-made. I also love that they come with a hard case and the best lens cloth I've ever owned...

I apologize if you're blinded by my ghostly-white complexion, but it's what I'm working with, so I run with it. And I've found that having such fair skin makes me gravitate towards clothing and accessories that provide a stark contrast. The artist in me is a sucker for black and white contrast! Another reason I love these frames, they're harsh transition from dark to light. The added touch of white snow is quite lovely, if I do say so myself! Although it was FREEZING when snapping these shots!

We've been having some odd weather patterns in Michigan as of late. Warm to cold and back again. But I've been layering up and if you know me, you know I love a sweater that looks like something from your great-grandmother's closet. There's just something so cozy about an oversized sweater! Going with my high contrast theme, I adore this sweater from Target and these gray jeggings are about the closest thing to pj's you can get without looking as though you just rolled out of bed. Plus they're super affordable from JCPenney.

My new glasses went perfectly with this sweater and one of my favorite tees from Bold Threads with a fun zipper detail. This black scarf, also from Bold Threads, is a staple in my fall and winter wardrobe as well. I love to frame my face in black. I just think it looks great with the fair skin and my dark hair.

A because a little color is ALWAYS a good thing, a bold, red lip was in order and is absolutely PERFECT with these frames! It might be my new favorite combo and go-to lip for the season ahead!

I'm actually not really looking forward to winter, because...snow...and generally I just really don't like to be freezing constantly! But I'm pretty excited these new glasses as a fun accessory to an otherwise dreary and drab season!

So for now, I'll do my best to stay warm in this blustery weather! But at least I'll be able to see clear as day while navigating on snowy days!

If you're a glasses-wearer, whether it's prescription or not, visit! They have so many to choose from and with their prices, you can basically have a new pair for every outfit...ok, maybe not, but wouldn't that be awesome?! I may have to start building a collection!

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Week in Review // November 10-16

Life is in overdrive right now. Like...seriously...

We have begun the process of packing and let me tell you, it's not really that fun. We just did a couple years back, so there's actually some stuff that's STILL packed, so that's a bonus. We just have so. much. STUFF. It's kind of ridiculous. Plus we have a baby now, and as you know, babies require a lot of things. And I'm that mother who's like, "I can't get rid of this because she wore it that ONE time, to that ONE place and did things..." I'm far too sentimental sometimes. Let's hope it doesn't land me on an episode of hoarders one day...

James is staying back for now. But I'll be living in our new city as of Thanksgiving weekend, which seems so strange right now. We aren't looking forward to being apart, but sometimes you just do what you have to do.

I also gave notice at my job last week. Which was bittersweet. I'm feeling good about the future, but leaving a place you've been at for 8+ years is definitely a mental process. One I'm sure I'll be working through for quite some's just...complicated.

But we are excited for new adventures!

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Eight and a half years ago, I took a giant leap into an unknown future. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and no knowledge of the new surroundings I'd be thrust into. I placed my bet on love, and I won.

When I made the decision to move across the country to a city and state I knew nothing about, I wasn't all that afraid. I have no idea why, but I was open to the change. It was fresh, new and exciting. I was in love. In love with a man some would say I barely knew, which was true, in a sense. But I had to take the leap and 'do life' with him to see if it was possible.

Eight and half years later and I can say I don't regret that decision. It was a massive change in my life, both physically and mentally. I've learned many lessons along the way...some good, some bad. But all throughout this journey, I had a partner. Someone I could trust and depend on.

We've weathered many storms and shared equally as much warmth and sunshine, if not more. And we're both better for it. He's listened to me, year after year, whine and moan about my worries and uncertainties regarding my career. A career I adore, but not a job I adore. Never feeling like this job was a permanent place for me and never feeling valued for what I have to offer. I can say all of this now, because last week I gave my two weeks notice.

Change has been a constant in the last few years. And to be honest, I'm not good with change. I like to feel safe. I get comfortable. Why this didn't ring true when I moved to Michigan, I don't know. But in every other aspect, I tend to panic at the thought of new situations. I adapt really well, and I know that about myself, but it never seems to halt the initial worry of new adventures.

We've had pregnancy, birth, engagement and wedding in the last year. All exciting, and all huge changes! And I've loved every minute of it. But for some reason, leaving this job of 8 years frightens me! And sort of in a good way, I suppose, because it's catapulting me into our future. Again, an unknown future, but likely eons better than the one we were facing just a few months back.

I've accepted a job at a new company, in a new city. And I'm excited and hopeful, and trying to channel the 23-year-old me, who took the biggest leap of faith she's ever known for hope and love, and was 100% confident about it...I'm learning from her that change is good! It has taken me on a journey, the destination is constantly changing, because life is constantly changing, but I'm growing to like it.

Cheers to new adventures. Cheers to C H A N G E...

From our first week together. This was the last day of the trip in which we first met. It sealed our fates together.
Circa 2006...

"Change" is the November writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette. This month we are featuring Erica of To the Sea. A few words from Erica --- Hello! My name is Erica and I blog at To the Sea. I have a two-year-old daughter and 5-month old son. I went to school for Geography and travel is my passion. I'm also an attorney, but I'm currently staying at home to raise my kids. I love surfing and punk rock. I write about parenting, fitness, and life around the world. I love being a mommy and am stoked to be a part of the Mommy Blogger Collective! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. /// The Mommy Blogger Collective /// Courteney, Dena, Erica, Erin, Gillian, Katie, Misty, Nicole, and Renée. ///

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This week's 'week in review' is a shorter one. With just getting back from a week away for our wedding, I just didn't have the energy to film much in our first few days back.

Last week shaped up to be a pretty big week for us...and things are changing for us, it's bittersweet, but we're ready for new adventures...

'All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.'
~Anatole France

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Our wedding, part FOUR

The fourth and final installment of our wedding series...

We do!

Our day was not without obstacles. But in between the moments of madness, little bits of sunshine shone through and it was perfection...

My snow white, fairy tale, happily ever after was more beautiful than I could have imagined, right down to the snow that started falling as we were promising our lives to each other...Walking down the aisle, my eyes fixated only on James, was worth every bit of planning, worry and work...I'm just sad it's all over and that the day flew by in an instant...thank goodness for these sweet memories captured on film by our dear cousin...

The processional walked to Not With Haste, by Mumford & Sons, and we danced to Brighter Than Sunshine, by Aqualung...we danced and laughed, and karaoke'd our night away...

I wrote the ceremony and vows, and we were married by a dear friend...the magnitude of that moment is immeasurable, and the feeling in my heart at that very instant was the most sincere kind of joy...

I, Katie, take you, James, to be my husband.
I give to you everything I am and everything I will ever be.
I will never stand behind you or in front of you, but always beside you.
You are my heart and my soul now and forever.
I promise to love you in sunshine and in rain, with my whole heart, for my whole life.
With you, I am home, and with this ring, I thee wed.

He is my husband, and I, his wife....

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Our wedding, Part THREE

James and I grew up in the same small town in southern California, but never knew of each other while living there (read our story here). Getting married in that small town just seemed to make sense, and I'm so glad we chose that location!

Being thousands of miles away really makes you homesick at times, but having James to share stories with about 'our' town has always been nice. One of the final lines in our wedding vows was 'with you, I am home.' I chose that specific wording because more truer words couldn't be said at that moment, both literally and figuratively.

We stayed at a bed and breakfast that my mom and I used to work at, along with lots of family and friends. We were also able to visit our high school and show Brennan part of where we came from. We also went trick-or-treating with everyone instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner. The same trick-or-treating we did as kids. With our childhood friends and their children. It was so amazing to share and enjoy that part of our lives with everyone.

I didn't film as much as I'd have liked last week, but it was busy, very busy...capturing this time of our lives on video is so amazing and I've been having fun watching everything back.

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Our Wedding, Part TWO

James and I are not taking a traditional honeymoon. Instead, we went to Disneyland with our kids while out in California. We ended up going before the wedding, which was nice because we had time beforehand to relax and enjoy ourselves before wedding chaos ensued.

It was a great time and really special to share an important piece of my childhood with Lark, since it was her first trip. She won't remember it, so I'm glad we have this video and photo memories to show her someday...

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