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It's a girl's life...

I saw this ad circulating on facebook, and it was too hilarious not to share. Plus, I'm now raising a daughter, and things like this are all a part of my future now. I love companies/people who promote girl power and approach 'taboo' topics head-on. Especially since tampon and pad commercials are generally an embarrassing depiction of what really happens. Wait, you thought everyone lost tiny amounts of bright blue liquid? Whatever marketing team is behind this ad is genius! It's for a company called Hello Flo, which is one of those monthly subscription services, but full of tampons. Their website is adorable, their logo is adorable, and yeah, I totally just signed up for their newsletter!

Happy Thursday!

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7 months...

Dearest little bean,

The months are coming so fast now, I feel like I can't keep up!

You were 7 months on the 7th! Still being were about 15 lbs at 7 months and still wearing 3 month sizes, but starting to fit into some 6 month! Clothes are lasting awhile around here!

On March 9, mama and daddy's 8 year anniversary, we headed down to Monroe, MI to see your cousin Lucas get baptized at the same church where your uncle Jesse and aunt Julie got married. You were the prettiest little sequined dress that we don't have a picture of because it gave you a HUGE rash on your face. Right after the service you were back in comfy clothes. Julie's mom had a little party for Lucas at their house and after that, we headed home. You were such a good girl the whole time and a good little road-tripper. During mass you were so happy and squealing loudly, it was making us giggle!

The allergy saga has continued. We had some more health scares this month, which was very stressful and we were very sad and felt helpless! You were still having random rashes and hives here and there and on March 14, I gave you breakfast like any other day. Some bananas and cereal, which you scarfed down like any other day. Shortly after, the telltale rash started forming on your face so I gave you benadryl right away and went to get you dressed when suddenly, here came the vomit, yet again! This time wasn't as much vomit as before, but it was awful to see you feeling so bad again. I ended up staying home from work that day, just in case. You were a little fussy, and slept on my chest for quite awhile but when you woke up you were mostly happy. I went to change your diaper early afternoon and your breathing changed in a split second from normal to extremely labored with a very prominent (and scary) wheeze. I knew exactly what it was, since I've dealt with all of this my entire life, and being that you were having allergic reactions, I knew it could be serious. I had been on the phone with your doctor earlier that day, so when I called about this, they wanted to see you immediately.

We headed over right away and the nurse remarked how calm I was, and I was, mostly, because where are hysterics going to get us?! But underneath the cool, I was so worried! The nurse checked you over, you still had some rash to your body and we were told to wait for the doctor. She came in, looked you over, had a listen and heard nothing but perfect breathing. She started to say something to me and I said, "uh, you need to listen again NOW," because it was starting all over again. She listened and abruptly dropped her stethoscope and said you needed a breathing treatment ASAP! So the nebulizer came in and there we sat, while you fell asleep to the buzz of the machine.

They prescribed us a nebulizer for home, you know, just in case...and also confirmed that you were sick...again! When it rains, it pours! Mama picked up the machine from the medical supply store and we had some stuff to do that afternoon, and that turned into a late dinner, so we picked up the medicine for the nebulizer after dinner. I knew it would take time to fill the prescription anyway, but those slow pokes STILL didn't have it filled by 9 o'clock that night! I was so angry. Then they informed us that they were out. So we were left scrambling late on a Friday night for something you may need to breathe! Luckily, dad was able to get to a Walgreens who had what we needed. We had really hoped you were okay and that this cold and breathing problem would resolve quickly, but that entire weekend was just awful. You were so sick, coughing, tired and needed breathing treatments around the clock. I barely slept, in fear that you might stop breathing. It was planned that we would put you in your crib around this time, instead of in our room, but again it got delayed because there was NO way you were going all the way upstairs with this going on.

You were sick all weekend and the following week you stayed home with your nana Moats because we didn't to send you to daycare with all that was happening. We ended up getting referred to an allergist as well, to see what we could find out. It's like your mama's childhood all over again! I went through the same problems, which has been helpful since I have a lot of knowledge. Mama ended up horribly sick in all of this was a hard month for all. For the last few months, it has felt like you were sick so often between big reactions, random rashes and breakouts, and colds and coughs! We are excited for warmer weather and hopefully a healthy spring and summer!

So then, that next weekend, we decided to finally try you on goat's milk, in the event I'd need to stop breastfeeding. As a baby, goat's milk was all I could drink and worked wonders for me, plus I've read lots of other success stories with it. Sunday night, March 24, I gave you a bottle of goat's milk. You drank it down like a champ and seemed to like it. Until about 5 minutes after you were done. You broke out in the worst rash/hives we had seen yet. In went the Benadryl, right away! We stripped you down and got some towels ready, because I just knew vomit would come. Your lips swelled, your entire face was beet red, and then you vomited, right on the living room floor. Thankfully we were prepared and your dad was able to get a towel down right before it happened. After you puked, the swelling started to diminish. And since the swelling stopped, we decided to just monitor you, with stuff ready in case we needed to head to the hospital. You seemed a bit better, until the hives started getting bigger and bigger! You had so many hives on your inner thighs, that they turned into one GIANT hive that covered most of your inner thighs on both sides. You had one on the back of your head about the size of a quarter and multiple large ones elsewhere. We were scared, but you were STILL happy as a Lark, even through the chaos. Your breathing never suffered, and with the swelling gone, we ended up staying home and the hives went down. You were left with a blotchy rash for the rest of the evening and were very tired, but you were fine. No goat's milk for you!!!

We had no other issues for a few days, until that following Thursday, when you puked on the daycare lady after breastmilk...I was literally sick to my stomach because I felt like that was the LAST thing you could eat/drink and what would we do?! There was no way we could afford special formula and I could change my diet for breastfeeding, but we weren't sure what exactly you were allergic to...I was so upset, dad was always reassuring me, and we were doing our best to keep you safe and healthy.

On March 31 you saw the allergist and we discovered you are allergic to Dairy (no surprise), Eggs (complete surprise) and cats (this broke mama's heart). So then I started a dairy/egg free diet for myself and have kept you on breast milk and was able to go back to a normal schedule of solids. The guilt I feel for passing this on to you is immense, and the guilt I feel for not knowing you were allergic to milk and eggs is also immense, since I continued to eat them. But all doctors involved discouraged me changing my diet until there was answers, and even then the allergist said it could help, but it may not...after a few days of no milk or eggs, your eczema started to improve and your rash frequency went down quite a bit. You're still getting some rashes and itchy eyes, which we are pretty positive are from the cats, and we're evaluating that situation as well. But you've been doing great.

Your attitude through everything has been amazing. Always happy, just need some snuggles sometimes, which we are more than happy to give. Your being happy is both a blessing and a curse because sometimes we can't determine how bad something really is since your mood is so good! But we are so thankful for your precious, good-natured spirit. You really are a trooper and we're so glad we are on a path of health for you! The allergist is quite certain you'll outgrow it all and wants to retest you at a year. So for now, you still get mama's milk and mama gets NO cheese! But it's worth it to have you healthy. I've also started supplementing with a formula made absolutely from scratch using rice milk. I found this alternative on my own and the allergist agreed that it's a wonderful option. You love your rice milk!

By 7 months, you were sitting up so well and you don't topple as much anymore. You're also trying to crawl with all your little might! You rock back and forth on all fours and move a hand or knee here or there, then quickly get frustrated when you're not moving! You love to sit on the floor and play with your toys and play mat. You have a wooden animal puzzle that you love taking apart and trying to put back together. It always amazes me how smart you are and how quickly you catch on! You still adore your rainforest jumper and really get those legs going. You still prefer to be standing, with help, of course and have been oh so vocal! Which we are just getting a kick out of. You're eating solids like a champ, and you really love your fruit!! We also celebrated your first St. Patty's Day where mama dressed you up in your shamrock best! You really are our good luck, little Irish charm!

As always, you're just an absolute joy. We just can't ever get enough of you.


 photo 7monthsSM_zpsacd456a3.jpg
Your cute little bunny outfit is from your Nene and Dodo in Hawaii!

And because mama loves to document everything, here's a video from your allergist visit...

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It's late at night. Lark is peacefully asleep in the crib just next to me as I type. Rain is tap-tap-tapping on the roof above, muffled every so often by the booming sound of thunder.

// I love rain. //

Sure it's frightening at times, and sometimes very overwhelming. It can be cold, striking you wherever you happen to be exposed. Or it can be warm, seeping right into the soul of you. It can refresh you on days you need a reawakening, and it can flood every inch of your world in an attempt at never being contained. It's a powerful thing, with the ability to wash away the bad, to cleanse your life, and also with the ability to wash away the good, leaving you hopelessly searching for that sunshine after the storm, and that perfect rainbow. That rainbow that always comes, reminding you that weathering the storm is all part of the bigger picture, all part of life's purpose.

With rain comes growth and revival.
With rain comes a renewed sense of being.
Rain brings life.

// I love motherhood. //

Sure it's frightening at times, and sometimes very overwhelming. It can be cold, striking you wherever you happen to be exposed. Or it can be warm, seeping right into the soul of you. It can refresh you on days you need a reawakening, and it can flood every inch of your world in an attempt at never being contained. It's a powerful thing, with the ability to wash away the bad, to cleanse your life, and also with the ability to wash away the good, leaving you hopelessly searching for that sunshine after the storm, and that perfect rainbow. That rainbow that always comes, reminding you that weathering the storm is all part of the bigger picture, all part of life's purpose.

With motherhood comes growth and revival.
With motherhood comes a renewed sense of being. 
Motherhood brings life.

"Rain" is the April writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette.

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6 months

Dearest little bean,

It's March, which means you're are half a year old...HALF A YEAR! But seriously, where did the time go? We are enjoying you so much, that the time is just whizzing by, leaving us in the dust.

You missed your 4 month appointment, thanks to the weather, so you had a 5/6 month appointment instead. Which included more yucky shots and more sad baby, but it wasn't as bad as the first set you received, thank goodness!

At that appointment, you weighed 13 lbs, 9.7 oz and were 25 inches long. Still our tiny tot!

You had your first Valentine's Day and you wore a fluffy, fancy red heart dress that you Nene bought for you. You got a new bath toy, an outfit and a new plate for your foodie adventures! Dad was actually gone that night, celebrating a special birthday with friends, and I stayed home with you and Brennan. But we celebrated the next day with a yummy dinner and as usual, the waitresses loved you.

You're loving all of your new fruits and veggies, especially bananas. They were the first food to make you smack you lips after taking a bite. You are still loving the spoon and helping feed yourself. You're also getting pretty good at drinking water out of your doggy sippy cup. You also just love your high chair! You think it's the big time and that you're so grown up!

You've been rolling over more and more and are getting less mad when on your belly. But you still prefer to just stay where you're at. You're even sitting now! Sometimes a little wobbly still, but you're sitting (mostly) unassisted and reaching for toys and enjoying the new view! You're also finally able to touch the ground in your jumperoo and you think that's the coolest trick ever and like to do shows for us where you perform some sort of baby river dance with your crazy feet.

You've also been sick a bit. The daycare scenario just encourages it! And we had a scary situation on our hands that resulted in your first ER visit. On February 24, you and I were shopping in Target, like usual. I'd been trying to keep on a strict feeding/pumping schedule, so I took a formula bottle with us to try and stay on that schedule. I fed you in Target, in your carseat, then pulled you out to make sure you had a good burp. You were happy as can be outside of your seat, so I carried you around for a bit. You even held the cart handle. Then I set you in the seat of the cart, and we went to look at Easter stuff. You belched and gurgled, so I pulled you out to try and burp you started to vomit. Not just spitting up vomit, but projectile vomiting. It was coming out in waves, out your mouth and nose, and the look of fear on your face was freaking me out. You and I were covered head to toe in curdled milk as we stood in a 3 foot by 3 foot puddle of curdled milk. I was dumbfounded and unsure how to clean up the mess. I couldn't find anyone, you were a sad panda and crying, and people were just passing us I took one of your beautiful, white baby blankets and wiped the vomit up off the floor.

I took you into the bathroom to change you immediately, only to find that your entire body was covered in hives. My initial thought was that you were somehow allergic to the formula that you'd had so many times before. You were back to happy by this point, laughing and playing with me, but I was really worried. I stuffed all of the vomit-soaked goodness into the diaper bag, and home we went. I called your dad to tell him what was going on and that I was going to call the doctor when, not 5 minutes down the road, you were shooting vomit everywhere again, out of your mouth and nose in your car seat as I was driving. I pulled over immediately because I was afraid you'd choke on the vomit, there was so much of it. By that point you were crying and covered in even worse hives. The pediatrician recommended Urgent Care or the ER, whichever was closest. I ran you to Urgent Care and you had fallen asleep on the way, which scared me because I was afraid you were having trouble breathing. The Urgent Care nurse took one look at you and said to get you to the ER right away.

Your dad met us there and you were still sleeping. When the triage nurse took your pulse you woke up, shaking violently, which scared your dad and I, but once you realized we were there with you, you calmed down and turned into that happy little baby again. They stripped you down and weighed you, and you giggled at the nurse, even though you were still covered in hives. They put you in the cutest, tiniest hospital gown I've ever seen that was covered in teddy bears. It was a sad sight, but so adorable at the same time!

They checked you over, and you were fine, for the most part. Gave you a dose of benadryl and we were informed to stay away from the formula, so we did. The next day I stayed home from work just to be sure you were okay. In the afternoon we headed out to the grocery store. You were kind of restless all day and didn't take long naps, even though you were so tired. You feel asleep in the car so when we got there, I sat in the car for about 15-20 minutes, just to let you sleep a bit. Until you were awakened by that awful, violent vomiting...AGAIN! More than 24 hours later, no formula in sight! You didn't even have your usual solids, just to be safe. We were more confused than ever, but you had no hives, so we just headed home. The pediatrician then suggested a virus of some sort which can cause hives. You were tired that week, and still suffering from the stuffy nose that had been plaguing you. By the end of the week, you were so tired and lethargic that I was really worried. It just wasn't like you. You were also pretty fussy at night and just wanted to be held, which also wasn't really like you, but we took advantage of the extra snuggles. It's been crazy, but we are glad you are okay and can only assume that you're also teething, since the symptoms of the weekend sort of match up. But no more vomit! And no more hives!

 It's been a crazy month, but an oh-so-good 6 months. It's hard to remember life without you, and sometimes, I don't want to. It's been the best half a year of my life, and I'm so excited for more...


(I couldn't decide which photo I liked better)

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: to explain the meaning of (a word, phrase, etc.)
: to show or describe (someone or something) clearly and completely


So, I'm a mom now, ooooooooobviously. And I honestly had no idea just how much it would change my life. I mean, you know it's going to change your life, I think we all understand that's a given. 

I hate trying to "define" myself, because I feel like we are always changing. There are constants, sure, like how I'm a perpetual daydreamer, but life changes every moment, and your perspective changes at the slightest tilt of your universe.

To define my life before Lark would be difficult. Mainly because I was am still evolving. But I wasn't very confident in a lot of areas and bit my tongue in situations where I probably should have stood up for myself. I fell asleep on the couch watching reality shows because I could. I went to the mall, to Ulta, to Target, for no reason, no mission in mind. James and I went out with friends, to happy hour, on many adult beverage related outings. With Brennan being older, we had more freedom. And during summer and some weekends, Brennan was with his mom so we could go about freely since we didn't need a sitter. Fancy free, fun times.

I have a great group of friends who keep me grounded, inspire me, and make me laugh. They also put up with my sometimes inappropriate sense of humor and child-like antics. And I love them for it.

Where am I going with all of this? Simple.

As I stated in my first paragraph, becoming a mother changes you. And I mean changes you. Life as you know it is incomparably different. Incomparably bigger. Your heart is bulging, sometimes in pain, because while love is beautiful, it can also hurt. So much. Your perspective on everything is completely different. Like how quickly you can pee or shower before the baby realizes you're more than 5 inches away from them. Trips to Ulta are nonexistent in exchange for trips to its neighbor, Babies R Us. A Target trip last week ended in me wiping up very large puddles of curdled vomit with one of her beautiful baby blankets, with a sad and sick baby on my hip, and myself and her also covered in said vomit. But you don't care, because it's for her, it's for a new purpose. I was ready to be a mom, and love it more than I ever imagined.

But it comes with sacrifice, with a price.

Body changes. Life changes. Being mentally "checked out" for a minute while you "find your ground" again. 

I've struggled. Like, really struggled. I wasn't prepared for the changes to the pieces of my life that, in a sense, didn't include Lark.

I had the typical weepy moments right after her birth, but did my best to distract myself for fear of sinking into a depression. No fault of hers, I just have been down the road before and the thought of postpartum depression scared the shit out of me. I remember 4 days after she was born feeling so antsy and emotional, that I made myself get up, get dressed and go to walmart with James for some stuff we needed. People thought I was crazy, having a c-section and all, but I knew if I didn't return to life somehow, I'd just get lost in the emotion. If I didn't return to reality, I'd just get lost.

The part I wasn't prepared for, was how much this most amazing child would affect my "reality."

I had a 3 month maternity leave, and it was amazing. I had previously never imagined myself wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, but this break from life made me see just how much I loved being a mother. So much so, that the return to that "reality" was jarring, to say the least. My ability to relate to life prior to Lark was non-existent. I felt out of place, alone, and unable to function in normal situations with co-workers and friends. Unable to relate to people. The inability for people to relate to me. I was isolated, mostly by my own doing, but I was at a different place, my thoughts were different, my focus, my purpose was different. I was different. And I felt it, I felt it bad, in the deepest parts of my soul. And people were different towards me, whether they meant to be or not, I don't know, but it was somewhat like being born, I'd imagine. Discovering things for the first time, and seeing the world in an entirely new light. Sometimes it burned, like that first morning sun in your eyes, cutting to the core of you. I was am afraid it will never be the same again. And it won't, because Lark is an extension of me and has forever changed my life.

It came to a literal head when, at 3 months exactly, I started losing my hair in massive amounts. Which is a normal postpartum symptom for some women. But in this deep sea of trying to find my way, the loss of hair and the bald spots were an obvious physical, daily reminder in the mirror of the pieces of me falling away. Parts of my previous life drifting down the drain. Dramatic, yes, but so emotionally taxing that it's the best way to explain it, by demonstrating losing something that defines you and how the world sees you. 

Now let me just say, being her mom was never the "hard" part, that came easy, and I have enjoyed it immensely. It was the introduction back into life that I was never prepared for.



transitive verb \ˌrē-di-ˈfīn\

:  to define (as a concept) again :  reformulate
  :  to reexamine or reevaluate especially with a view to change 


I look at ideas, people, situations differently. I've spoken up for myself a time or two in situations I didn't agree with. I've distanced myself from some people, some people have chosen to distance themselves from me, and that's fine. Re-evaluating relationships was also not something I was prepared for, but kind of just happened. I'm trying to do a better job at making decisions based on what's best for Lark. I don't have time to dwell on the petty, even though sometimes it still occupies my mind, but only slightly, because one smile from Lark and I'm back in her universe. And sometimes I just frankly don't care, because my life has a new focus. You don't like the way I do something, or the way I say something...I don't care. Because there's more important things going in my life, like what outfit Lark is wearing that day because oh-my-god-she-HAS-to-wear-them-all-at-least-once! She's growing, fast, and I don't want to miss any of it over something or someone stupid that doesn't relate to my life either.

So my life in this present moment is all about redefinition. Combining the before with the after. It's taking time. I'm still working through the emotional side of it, and still trying to redefine my place in this chapter of life. I'm working toward being able to relate to people again, to love my prior interests again.

After the last few months of quiet reflection (and often times depressed sadness) on the sidelines and getting through the metaphorical "crap," I'm getting up and joining the world again. Lark inspires me to be the best me, for her sake. I'm working toward being a better mom, but also trying to become a better me. Family is what matters most, and while I knew that before, the idea is just stronger and more magnified. But if I'm not the best me, the aura and energy of my purpose is disrupted, which is the part I'm slowly working through. Sealing the cracks, healing the me that's been "lost" in the "reality." 

And in some funny way, the exact thing that thrust me into this emotional awakening, is the exact thing that brings me back down to reality.

My Lark. My soulmate. My life's transformation.
It is she that now defines my life, as a living, breathing representation of the beauty and changes of that life. Every moment of hers parallels a moment of mine where we're both learning and growing and defining all that is "us." Both together and separately.

"Defined" is the March writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette. This month we are featuring 

Gillian of Comes in Colours. A few words from Gillian --- Hey, I’m Gillian and I blog at Comes in Colours! I am passionate about motherhood and passionate about photography. I am married to my middle school sweetheart and we are now raising our two boys, Roman and Asher, in northern Colorado. My life is real and far from perfect but my blog is a place where I celebrate motherhood through pictures and words. Connect with Gillian on Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin and pop by her blog to say hello.

/// The Mommy Blogger Collective /// Christina, Courteney, Dena, Erica, Erin, Gillian, Katie, Misty, Nicole, and Renée. ///

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Our little foodie!

Lark is 6 months old today. SIX MONTHS!!! I know it's been said a million times by a million other moms, but...where has the time gone?!

We are in the throes of solids these days, and that girl's favorite thing is bananas! We started her on rice cereal at 4 months. Since then she's had sweet potatoes, avocado, peas, pear, banana and carrots. She's into it, likes to help with the spoon, loves her high chair and banging toys on the tray!

In honor of her 6 month mark and her many food adventures to come, here are the feeding goodies we are loving right now...

1. I fell in love with a Boon high chair, until it cost $230. Then we thought about one of those smaller, space-saver type chairs, until our child was miniature and they sat too low for her to see the table. So we settled on this one from Walmart. Totally basic, but we picked the fun, bird print, obviously! It's lightweight, folds flat and best of all...was only $33!

2. My mom got the Baby Bullet for us for Christmas. I had planned to do an unboxing/review video, but, like most things these days, I kind of got sidetracked by a really cute baby. I know a food processor does the same thing, but I tell ya, this little bugger is convenient! And with less fuss than a food processor. I really love it! I can't help but love the containers also, because of the adorable smiley faces! We also got the Infantino Squeeze Station, but I haven't tried it out yet. I'm excited to use that soon!

3. Lark is obviously still using a bottle (or breast), but we are trying to familiarize her with the idea of a cup-like apparatus...or "sippy" as some like to say haha...these are cute, little cups from Ikea. I love the dog faces! Lark does pretty well with these. The fluid doesn't come out super fast, so that helps.

4. Spoons...oh how she loves spoons! She loves to help feed herself, and these Munchkin spoons are a perfect size and shape for her tiny hands.

5. What is there to say about rice cereal? It is what it is. We started out at 4 months by mixing with breast milk. Now we mix it with fruit and she really likes it. This is your standard Gerber rice cereal. I was going to buy a "natural" and "organic" brand, but upon further inspection, found that it was no different, nutrient-wise. Now I realize some of that is the way it's grown, but I went with Gerber in the end.

6. We had a bib from Walmart, but on our tiny child, it was rather large. So I picked up a couple of differnt ones from Walmart that were a bit smaller. I can't find them on the website, but I'm loving these bibs from Target and I think they might be in Lark's future.

7. These bright bowls are also from Ikea, and they're a great size. Can't beat the price either! $1.99 for 6!

And because her food experience was so cute (you know, to us), enjoy this video of her first cereal adventure in January!

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5 months...

(Lark was actually 5 months on the 7th...but I've been lazy about getting the photos off of my fail!!)

Dearest little bean,

Another month has passed and I'm not even sure how. You're changing by leaps and bounds these days and you just keep getting funnier and funnier!

You're still the best baby and so mellow. You still really only get mad if you're hungry and/or tired, which ticks me off too, so I feel ya.

Speaking of hungry, we started you on solids this month! After a questionable first taste, you are loving your rice cereal and have tried sweet potatoes and avocados so far. You're loving both!! We also got you a high chair after using the bumbo for a bit. We found the cutest, little birdie high chair for you, and, like usual, you're a bit too small for it and we have to use a big towel to prop you up. Otherwise, you love it because you can do "big girls" things! Like help feed yourself with the spoon (and you do that pretty well)!

You're rolling over a lot more now, finally going from back to stomach in addition to stomach to back...but you're still fairly content to lay where you're at, probably because you STILL loathe being on your stomach.

The winter has been more harsh than usual, which leaves us stuck in the house most of the time. But spending time with you makes the grayest of days bright and sunny!

You've had a runny nose, which has just become a bit of the norm these days. Daycare + winter + the beginnings of teething have us wiping your nose nonstop! Mama uses the booger sucker to help you out, but you absolutely HATE it! Sometimes it gags you, so you cough, and mama stops...that cycle has turned into you coughing as soon as you see it coming because you've learned that I stop when you cough! You've now mastered....the fake's kind of hilarious! There's been a few nights where I've actually held you upright so you can sleep, which basically means no sleep for mama, but I cherish those extra snuggles! You've also started playing bashful sometimes with people and burying your head in mama's neck and scarf when people talk to you. You're not fooling anyone though, because you're such a ham!

We think you weigh around 13 lbs, but aren't entirely sure since a big storm cancelled your 4 month appointment and you go on February 11th instead. You're still our petite bean and wear mostly 0-3 or 3 month clothes. There are still a couple of newborn items left floating in the mix that still fit. Our tiniest bird!

We're enjoying watching you learn and grow so much, but are now (quickly) realizing how fast the time is truly flying.

As always, I love you more than life.



 photo 5monthssm_zps76bfb6a1.jpg

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