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Time is ticking away.

Dearest little bean,

I'll preface this letter like I always's been terribly busy over here!

And you're terribly busy in this belly of mine. Things are just starting to get uncomfortable. You like hiking your butt way up into my ribcage and it makes it hard to breathe. You're quite the wiggle worm these days and you get the hiccups multiple times a day. Sometimes they're pretty violent and my whole belly shakes!

We spent the fourth of July up north, as usual, and it was so nice to have four days off! I haven't taken any time off, not even on days I felt crappy, so taking July 5th off was basically heaven, giving me a mini vacation.

It was a great weekend and mama hauled you around everywhere. We walked all over, watched parades, watched fireworks, ate too much food, lost money at the casino (I thought maybe you'd bring me luck), ate gelato (toasted marshmallow flavor!), spent time with lots of cousins (your new cousin Aimery and your yet-to-be boy cousin still in the womb!). We laughed a lot about past holidays and talked about the future holidays where there will be plenty of new little feet running around since we have lots new babies coming to this family this year. Your cousin, Ayden, got to feel your hiccups too. He wasn't quite sure what to make of it, since I think he's still not sure and doesn't fully realize there's a person in there, but he giggled, I bet you did too...

Weekdays have been filled with tired moments where mama just wants to take a nap. I was a little sick with a bladder infection last week too, which was miserable for a few days. And you just love using my bladder for a punching bag, so some moments were painful. But I know you don't have much room in there anymore, so I understand. Luckily the doctor got me meds ASAP and things are looking up!

Last Friday, all the sweet ladies I work with gave me a shower for you, complete with a nacho bar! Mama's favorite! I think you'll be a cheese lover too. The whole crew, too many to name, chipped in and bought you a new ride! This stroller and car seat will come in handy for sure! Dad and I feel so lucky to have so much support when it comes to you and we couldn't be more grateful for all the love! You are far too spoiled already, though...

One of ladies I work with also made me an amazing owl cake, since the party was pink and know how your mama loves owls and birds! It was amazing and so special. Usually I'm the one making cakes for people, but this one was for us and I just loved it!

This last weekend was fairly uneventful. Mama worked on Saturday, we went and saw The Lone Ranger (loved it!), ate lots of junk food (what else is new?), and rested. Mama likes rest. You didn't rest one bit.

We did get some stuff done, including making progress on your crib mobile. This one's a team effort! Finally got all the birdies sewn up and your dad and I went branch hunting so he can make a wreath to hang them from. Not much longer until you're laying underneath! Time is going so fast! And I still have so much to do in your room!

We love you, little bean, so very much!


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One Response to Time is ticking away.

  1. I love all the pictures in this post! And I had to laugh at the painted finger nails because my boys wanted their toes painted red for the 4th, too! Glad you had fun and some relaxing time off!


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