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What I Wore // 32 Weeks // Thyme Maternity Review

With only 8 weeks to go, it seems silly to invest in a bunch of new maternity clothes. But, let's be honest, I didn't invest a ton to begin with, because my budget doesn't really allow for it and I've managed to get creative with my wardrobe. But I'm at an awkward stage where things are getting much tighter and something's got to give. So I'm always on the lookout for items that will transition from late pregnancy into motherhood.

Enter Thyme Maternity.

I found Thyme Maternity by browsing online and following them via instagram, twitter and facebook. I love all of their pieces. They're versatile and stylish and at a great price point, especially since your entire Thyme Maternity purchase is 40% off right now at! You can purchase their items at Babies R Us. My Babies R Us doesn't carry their line, which bummed me out because my body shape doesn't really allow for online shopping with clothing lines I'm not familiar with. So when Thyme contacted me about possibly doing a review, I pretty much jumped, danced and twirled...ok, maybe not so much, but I was beyond thrilled with the opportunity! I picked a couple of items that could double as maternity/nursing and ease me into the transition. And while I can't review the nursing ease of these tops yet, I can say that when I received my package in the mail, I was so pleased with the quality and found that the sizing was right on par with their size chart and fit my naturally curvy + pregnancy body really well.

Top: c/o Thyme Maternity, available online at Babies R Us
Pants: American Eagle Jeggings using the hair tie trick I love so much.
Shoes: I never remember. I featured them here once before. I've had them forever and
will give my most valiant effort at wearing them, even though I'll likely end up in flip flops shortly.
This Snap-Front Crossover Nursing Top is amazing. It's super stylish while being completely functional for both maternity and nursing. I love all of the pleated details and metal snaps that add interest while also providing access to a nursing panel underneath. It's also really comfortable, which is a necessity in my book! And with this crazy heatwave we have going on over here, it's lightweight fabric is perfect! And olive green is a color I adore and this color is gorgeous in person. Overall I'm really pleased with this top and can't to utilize it as a new mom!

 At 32 weeks, I'm really starting to get uncomfortable. It's not unbearable by any means, but this little girl just loves fist-pumping my bladder while simultaneously tap dancing in my ribcage. I feel like she's really long, but maybe it just feels that way because she stretches out to her limit. I find myself slouching and half-laying in chairs, even in public, because it's much more comfortable to give her stretching room than to appear as a normal, upright human being. I basically look like I'm trying to nap all the time, which might be the case.

 She gets hiccups a ton, which is both cute and distracting. Sometimes they're ridiculously violent and my entire torso jolts from the movement. Like I've always said from the beginning, pregnancy is amazing, but totally weird and all the different movements take some getting used to and can still catch me off-guard!

I'm feeling better than last week, thanks to a round of antibiotics and lots of cranberry juice. And in general, I feel pretty good. Aside from the constant urge to nap and eat donuts. I had a doctor check up yesterday and everything was great, except for a stubborn little bean that kept moving every time they found her heartbeat. Just like her mama, doesn't like her personal space invaded.

And I'm just loving my new wardrobe options, thanks to Thyme Maternity! I also have a few other tops to rotate into the mix and will definitely be posting reviews of those as well! At first impression, all are superb based on quality and fit! Watch for these items, coming to a Hello, Little Bean blog near you!
Nursing Camisole in Black, Maternity Scoop-Neck Empire Top in Fuchsia, Maternity Lace Print Tank in Purple
And best of all, your entire Thyme purchase is 40% off right now! So be sure to go check them out for some great mama-to-be options that won't break the bank! In fact, I'm considering some nursing bras and a super cute pair of grey skinnies myself!

8 weeks (give or take) to go! Anxiety/excitement levels are high and shiz is getting real over here! So looking forward to being a mama!

Happy Wednesday!

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