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3 months...

Dearest little bean,

You're 3 months old! Or 3 months new...however you want to look at it.

You are seriously the cutest baby. I know, I'm biased, but it's true! And you are so funny without even trying! You're smiling all the time these days, and are pretty happy most of the time. You still really only get mad when you're hungry.

You are so strong and are doing a lot better at holding yourself up in your bumbo chair! You love it, finally! But it took some time for you to grow into it. You love to be upright, since day 1, pretty much. You don't want to miss anything and love to be part of everything. Tummy time is not for you, not because you can't lift your head, but I think because you can't look around and see everything. You move your legs around like crazy though, and I predict you'll pick up crawling without much effort and will be off faster than we can catch you!

You love your new toy friend, Taco. I know, I know, mama picks such random names for things. He's a squeaky monkey and your face just lights up when you see him! I also bought you an "O-ball" that rattles and has holes all over it so it's easy for you to grasp, which you're doing a lot of these days. We pulled out a rattle we got at your baby shower also that has crinkly butterfly wings and you love those too! Watching you learn to grasp and hold onto things has been so much fun. Sometimes you concentrate so hard, your whole tiny body starts shaking and it's really kind of adorable. And you have some links that snap together that mama hung from your bouncy chair that are all different colors and keep your attention for a long time. You get your tiny hands caught in them too...

You love being talked to, and love to talk back! You get very into it sometimes and have lots of serious stories to tell! And finding your feet mid-conversation generally catches your attention so you spend a little time watching your little footsie's every move. You're also pretty good at getting your hands in your mouth these days too, and also drooling a lot more and blowing spit bubbles! You've laughed twice, very briefly, and I want more laughs from you so badly! But I know they'll start happening more often was adorable!

Your third month has been busy. Mama was still off work and enjoyed lots of days at home with your sweet face! You always love when dad comes home at the end of the day, and your brother always takes time to make you smile a little when he gets home from school. We took lots of trips to Target, obviously. And to the mall, because you're my tiniest BFF and it's just what we do.

And because it's stuff like this that I want to are THE fartiest baby! Mama likes to call it "Fartie Parties."'re ripping them ALL. THE. TIME. And dad and I, with our immature sense of humor, laugh every time you rip a big one because farts are so funny, especially giant ones coming from your tiny body. And you stink, bad. People keep offering advice on how to help, but I think you're just gassy, and it's really no surprise, because all of your family pretty much possesses that gene...sorry kid.

You spent a couple of days at the Women's Expo "working" with mama and daddy while they promoted their business. You were so good and you were the star of the show! Everyone kept commenting on how tiny you are, which is the standard these days. You had your 2 month checkup after the last monthly update. But you weighed 8lbs 8oz on November 5 and everything is growing right on schedule! You had grown 2 inches since birth to a whopping 21 inches. You were in the 5th percentile for both height and weight and the 50th for head, because you're so least that's what I'm chalking it up to! You also had shots a few days later, which was really hard for your mama. Vaccines are scary for so many reasons. Mama wishes she didn't have to vaccinate you, but your daddy and I decided it's for the best for lots of different reasons. You were a champ with the pokes, only crying a tiny bit and calmed down right away afterwards. But that night was rough, you were so uncomfortable and in pain and just wanted to sleep. Dad and I took turns just letting you sleep on us and snuggle because it was so awful to watch you cry out in pain during your little sleeps. Mama cried her face off because she felt so awful for putting you through something so awful. I hope you'll forgive me. It was just a lot of emotion and the realization that I can't protect you from everything in life, as bad as I'd like to.

Your first Thanksgiving was last week! You wore the cutest little turkey dress that your Nene bought for you while she was here. We were afraid it would be too big, but it fit just perfect! The day before Thanksgiving, your aunt Julie gave birth to your new cousin, Lucas Kane! We were so excited to meet him, so we drove down to Ohio that night and stayed at their house so we could visit them on Thanksgiving in the hospital. He had a bit of a rough time, so they stayed in the hospital until Friday. But we went to visit and at 20.5" and 7lbs 14oz, he wasn't much smaller than you! We ate dinner that night with aunt Julie's family, who graciously cooked us a big meal. Your grandma and grandpa Simon were there, as well as your aunt Trista and cousins Audrey and Ayden. We also took you to see Santa for the very first time last weekend! He just loved you and said he'd gladly keep you...he said you were such a good baby, which is true. We, of course, had your picture taken with him in your red, velvet dress, also from your Nene, and you looked SO cute, even though it's still a little big!

And then the part I dread even writing about...this last week, mama's maternity leave came to an end. Meaning our days spending all day together came to an end. To say I have been devastated would be an understatement. It's been really hard on me emotionally. I was not prepared for the sadness I'd feel leaving you with a stranger every day. I feel lost without you at times and miss you so badly. I've never had a broken heart quite like this. I know I have to work to continue to provide for you, but it's just not easy right now. I just miss you. And it's so sad.

You've been doing okay at the sitter though, so that's good. You're just very tired at the end of the day because in typical Lark don't-miss-a-thing fashion, you prefer to stay awake while you're there and watch everything going on around you. The other kids are pretty smitten with you, but sometimes think your name is Larkin. Mama hopes that someday soon she'll be able to work some from home and be able to take care of you again during the day. I have lots of big dreams, and I know that I need to work at them and reach some new goals to help our family and to teach you that you really can do anything you want. It's going to be hard, and take some time, but I'm going to do my best...

We're just loving you more and more each day, and our hearts are growing at a rapid pace with all the joy you fill them with! You're our beautiful little birdie bean and we love you so! And we're so excited about your first Christmas this month!

The usual nicknames: Tweeter Muffin, Muffin Girl, Muffinest Girl, Littlest, Littlest Girl, Precious Girl, Hungry Hungry Hippo Girl...with Preshy, Poopy stinker girl, Poopinest Girl, Stinker Girl, Stinker butt (she has gas, what can I say?!), Snuggle bird, Sweets, Sweetness, Sweet Pea,'s a never-ending list...

my sweet Lark.


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  1. This is so beautiful!

    Come by soon!


  2. Lovely. Her booties are too cute!

  3. I'm loving the themed month photos! Tomorrow Liora is 1 month and I had planned to have my month photos figured out and I don't yet...


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