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First Christmas Baby Haul + Favorite Toys

A Christmas post?! I know, a tad late. And I've yet to recap Lark's first Christmas for the fail...I just get caught up in life, and caught up in her, it's easy to do! But I did recap some of her gifts via a Baby Christmas Haul video on my YouTube channel. She got some really fun gifts and some really interesting toys. I've put some together here because I think they're really great options for babies and toddlers, and you can see the rest in the video. Lark is really enjoying a lot of them already! Especially the ones that make noise, of course! And who doesn't love all the bright colors?!

1. VTech Move and Crawl Ball, Orange // 2. Poppin Park Giraffalaff Tumble Top // 3. Earlyears Fill n Fun Water Mat Toy // 4. Sassy Fascination Station // 5. Sassy Wonder Wheel // 6. O Ball Anyway Stacker Toy // 7. Love You Forever // 8. Little Owl's Night // 9. Around The World We Go 
// 10. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Safari Chunky Puzzle // 11. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes 
// 12. Manhattan Toy Winkel // 14. Fisher-Price Easy Stack 'n Sounds Blocks
// 13. Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks

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